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Three little words

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We’d been together about eight or nine months when Dominic suggested we take a holiday together. I was thrilled and agreed almost before he’d finished asking me. He asked that I trust him to organise it all and be content to know simply when we were leaving and what I should pack.

Just a month later I was packed and ready to go for two weeks to ‘somewhere pretty hot’, which is the only clue he gave me. The lessons I was learning about Dominic were important ones. He’s very big on romantic gestures. He can keep a secret even under intense interrogation. And he organises the most amazing holidays!

We went to the The Maldives, to a tiny private resort tucked away on one of the southern islands. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. We had our own little villa right on the beach with a pool and an outside bath and a house master who did absolutely everything for us. I didn’t have to lift a finger the entire time I was there. I could wax lyrical about that resort for pages and pages; it really was the most incredible place.

But Dominic had plans. Now, when I’d told my friends and family that we were going away and it was all a big surprise, eyebrows were raised and I think most people assumed I’d come back with a large diamond on my finger itching to plan a wedding. But I knew this holiday wasn’t about a proposal. I knew that it was too soon for a man like Dominic, who doesn’t rush into anything. I knew he felt he was too young to get married and wanted to wait a while. And while I was very secure in our relationship and felt that we were really going somewhere, I wasn’t ready for such a huge commitment either. Besides, he hadn’t yet told me that he loved me. To be fair, I hadn’t told him either, even though I did love him very much by that point.

The third day we were there, we went diving. At that time we were both qualified open water divers so we decided to do the three dives we needed to step up to the next level of adventure diver. I love diving. There is something so other-worldly about being submerged in the ocean, you see the most amazing and beautiful things. After we completed the dives and got our new certificates, we went back to the villa to get changed for dinner. The hotel had a private beach on which one couple could dine each evening, and that night Dominic had reserved ┬áit for us. We ate against the backdrop of the setting sun and it was so bone-achingly romantic it’s almost cheesy. After we ate, we laid back on on a bed of cushions and watched the stars come out. There were thousands of them, more than I’d ever seen before.

Looking back, I have to say that was one of the best nights of my life ever. We kissed and cuddled under the stars for the longest time. Dominic tasted of salt and brandy and I wished time would just stop and leave us there forever. Then he pulled me close and held me really tight, looked straight into my eyes and whispered, “I love you Suzanne.”